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I have been helping people; teams and companies achieve their personal and business goals for over 10 years and in over 25 countries. My clients range from senior leadership teams to supervisors, from entrepreneurs to ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. As a founding member of the Mastery Global group of companies I have the ability to leverage our international partnerships and our global experience to develop a strategy around your specific challenge and then provide you with the best solution to overcome whatever is holding you, your team or your business back. I will help you to transform your life, your team and business so you can thrive in the face of the massive change and uncertainty we live in today When you work with me I become your power partner and your success is my success


Live On Purpose Mastery Class

This book will help you find your Purpose, design your Strategy and learn the Tactics that you need to stay relevant and thrive now!

As a senior consultant with the Ken Blanchard Companies I’ve spent the last ten years presenting hundreds of seminars all over the world, spending time with people who are the top of their game and those on the other end. I’ve learned from dozens of highly successful people, read a mountain of books and extensively researched and coached all the topics that you will find in Live On Purpose Mastery Class. I know what makes you successful and I know what stops you from being successful, and now I want to show you how to change your inner “programming” to beat the “system” once and for all.

“I’m a big fan of Hank van der Merwe and his book Live on Purpose Mastery Class”

Ken Blanchard Co author of the One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level


There’s a process to mastery. You first have to immerse yourself in a concept or new material, writing it down helps clarify your thoughts and allows you to revisit your ideas, insights, intentions and plans. The Live On Purpose Mastery Class Journal was designed for you to maximize your experience and give yourself the best chance of seeing it through. As you work through each module there are questions that you will answer to reflect on where you are and most importantly where you need to be. Answering the most critical question of why? then sets the foundation for the “How” and “What" you are going to need to do to really thrive in the face of this massive global change. Contact me for your Mastery Class Journal, free with your copy of "Live On Purpose Mastery Class"


What We Do


  • Hank is one of the most enthusiastic and goal focused people I know. He is a role model for lifelong learning and the pace at which he has developed his skills using the Ken Blanchard Companies products and offerings is amazing. In addition to his skills, he is very warm hearted and a value led person if I ever saw one. Hank is a keeper!!

  • Hank was by far the best speaker we have had at our Davidson Professional Series. Inspirational and yet easily engaging and relate to. I have recommended Hank for future DR Forums that we host for our clients.

    Michelle Cheong, Australia

  • Hank van der Merwe is inspiration personified. He embodies everything that I admire - intellect, experience, humour and a brilliant motivator whether in large groups or one on one.

    Wendy Ann Stopford, South Africa

  • Hank was a great teacher. His understanding of people and how they react to situations was superb. I gain some great insight to the subject matter presented, which added value far beyond the course content. I really feel that this type of insight can only be gained from years of dedication and passion to a subject. I would really recommend Hank as an individual as well as facilitator and presenter.

    Andrew Clark Webb, South Africa

  • Hank is a motivator, business analyst and teacher. He has a magical way of explaining complex motivational concepts and making it simple and practical.

    Charles Uzozi, Nigeria

  • Hank is a full of energy and knowledge business leaders coach. I had the pleasure to attend two of his sessions where he managed to keep the attention of a multicultural audience high all the time. His business experience together with his communication and teaching skills constitute a successful combination valuable for the majority managers and business leaders.

    Adam Cosmas, Cypress

  • We had the pleasure of working with Hank recently. As part of this, he presented to our business on the links between employee engagement and profitability. Hank's presentation was one of the best I have seen in my entire career to date. His ability to engage and motivate his audience to understand how they can make a difference is unparalleled. When coupled with the deep knowledge and academic rigour that he uses to support his argument, the power of his presentation is profound. There is no doubt whatsoever that he can and will add significant and real value to any engagement you have with him.

    Phillip Dickman, Australia

  • Hank was not only highly insightful, but massively thought-provoking. He managed to captivate a group of highly experienced recruiters / HR / Business professionals (not easy), and have us come away unanimously agreeing we took something positive out of it. I personally found his delivery insightful, humorous and executed with enough clarity to have the entire group firmly grasp what he was there for. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Hank and would love to attend a longer session next time.

    Sam Needs, Australia

  • Hank conducted a 1 day workshop on Situational Leadership II with myself and some of our senior managers. His knowledge of the subject matter and ability to very quickly develop rapport with his audience is highly commendable. We all came out of the session better off and it was a real pleasure seeing Hank convey important messages in such a great, easy to understand, manner.

  • I had the pleasure of attending a workshop run by Hank van der Merwe. Hank was engaging, knowledgeable and downright entertaining. Clearly a consultant who “knows his stuff”, Hank made a difference to many attendees awareness of engagement and productivity.

    Shawn Ket, Australia

  • Hank recently gave a seminar to our entire business and I have never observed one that was so widely acclaimed. His engaging style of presentation captures the audience and it is backed with technical knowledge of the highest level. He imparts his knowledge in a manner that ensures all understand. Everyone left the seminar on a "high" because he inspires you to do more.

    Peter Murphy, Australia

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